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Self-Mastery Learning

Self-mastery is exhibited when you are in control of who you need to be in order to maximize your rewards in any circumstance you find yourself. It is self-mastery when you are in charge of who you are regardless of the state of environmental inputs into your life.

Many people are afraid to face the reality of who they are. The journey of personal transformation cannot begin until you face who you really are. Change does not start from where your pretend to be, it starts from where you are. The more honest you are about where you are the easier to unlock your potential. Potential is released through self-discipline and very few people want self-discipline.

Consistency sounds more like self-discipline. For the most part, the failure of self-mastery is not because of a lack of knowledge. Knowledge without discipline cannot produce results. Our society has generally taught us freedom without discipline. The purpose of setting standards in any environment is for governing discipline.

As an example, consider an employee John Self, who consistently produces best results in the work environment of a company he does not own. So, he starts a business and wonders why his business fails. When you analyze the reasons for failure, one of the reasons would be lack of discipline. Whereas as an employee John started working at 8am, now as a business owner he wakes up at 10am. The standards which made John productive as an employee were virtually non-existent in his own business, and this caused the business to fail.

John’s employer through its standards, mastered John in a way that produced results. When John left his employer he failed to master himself in a way that produces success in his business.

Self-mastery therefore, does not always require new knowledge but the consistent practice of disciplines that maximize rewards every time you deploy yourself, be it as an employee or in your own business.


This is what we are aiming for in 2019

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In personal transformation, we are not trying to change who you are. We just want you to know who you are and be in control of how you deploy yourself deliberately, even under pressure.

Choice is a gift that is personal to each of us. If you have stopped learning, this means you have stopped growing. Learning is for living, not just for passing an examination. Choose to learn how to be yourself.

Wherever you go there you are. You may as well be the best you can be. Me by Choice enables you to deploy the best version of yourself. Self-mastery helps you to manifest your own uniqueness.

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Hlalani Ncube

He is the creator of the ME by CHOICE learning program. He coaches people in their journey of personal transformation and self-mastery. He is a gifted communicator with exceptional wisdom and unique ways of applying knowledge.

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